For Teams

My accelerated workshops help team members manage and ultimately, overcome public speaking anxiety.  I share empowering tools that spark a renewed enthusiasm for public speaking and visibility. Participants will also engage in team building exercises designed to maximize presentation confidence and audience engagement.  

True Voice Power Pro
Show Your Strengths.  Become an Inspiring Speaker.

This workshop teaches expert strategies and tools for powerful public speaking.

The Workshop Breakdown

9:00 am-12:00 pm

Section 1:  The TVP Tool Kit (Performance Anxiety Busting+Voice Connection)

  • Breaking down Performance Anxiety

  • Endurance without Vocal Strain

  • Energize Your Voice


Section 2:  The TVP Strengths Model

  • Identifying our strengths

  • Using our strengths to transcend performance anxiety

  • Using our strengths for powerful public speaking


Section 3:  TVP  Pro Public Speaking ( Putting it all together)

  • Stage Presence

  • Storytelling and humor for maximum audience engagement

  • The Anatomy of your Audience: Linking audience interest with what you KNOW.

  • Timing, tone vs noise, texture

Afternoon 1:1 Coaching with Martha (optional, but included in fee)
(30 minute private sessions beginning @ 1:30pm for up to 4 participants)

  • Personalized public speaking coaching

  • Personalized performance anxiety strategies

  • Custom computer VoicePrint Analysis + corrective vocal exercises

Connect with Martha for more information on customizing True Voice Power Pro for your business team.

“This workshop created a deep understanding of the power and opportunity that can be gained by putting yourself in front of an audience.”
- Barclay Jackson, Attorney at Law

Since beginning my work with Martha over a year ago, she has been an exemplary public speaking coach. She has helped me overcome anxiety and taught me the techniques to speak successfully in challenging professional environments and at public meetings.  She has been a vital resource to me and I look forward to our continuing relationship. ~ Jennifer Zorn, McFarland Johnson