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Unlock the Voice Power

Within You!


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I’m Martha Gleason and I help people find their VOICE.  Whether you’re just learning to sing, you’re already a seasoned performer or you want to sharpen those public speaking skills, I’m here to support you in reaching your highest performance potential.  How would it feel to KNOW that the voice you share reflects your inner calling, POWER and JOY?  Ready to grow into your own VOICE POWER and have a bigger impact?   Let’s climb into your voice rocket ship! You’ve found your way here so you’re ready to take a quantum leap towards finding your True Voice Power.

Watch the short video below for a sneak peak into just some of what you’re ready to learn:


“Martha possesses that rare combination of both technical and personal in her teaching. She guides people of all ages and skill levels in finding their voice, using it consciously, and keeping their instrument healthy. Martha creates a safe space for students to explore and learn, approaching every student as a unique individual. My daughters come back from every lesson feeling confident and clear. They trust Martha and know she has helped them achieve more, vocally and personally, than they ever could on their own. We are so grateful!”
Alison Forbes, M Education, Forbes College Consulting

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“Martha helped me overcome the anxiety of speaking in front of a large group. In our voice lessons she partnered with me in warm-up exercises. Martha leads by example – and always with joy. This simple but profound formula works to unlock joy and confidence in her students!”
Priscilla French, Founder and Conductor, Portsmouth Pro Musica

Our voices are our most impactful calling card.  
What does your voice say about you?  

Does it reflect your highest calling and peak potential as a singer?

Does it broadcast your most powerful message as a public speaker?