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About True Voice Power


What  do you Love about Your VOICE?

When I ask my students this question, they often look stunned and perplexed.  They’re really quick to answer all the things they DON’T like about their VOICE!  It’s easy to fall into self judgement and comparing our voices to others’. “She has a beautiful voice and so much stage presence!” And TV programs that feature singing or speaking as a competition just reinforce this tendency for comparison.  


Our voices are an intimate expression of who and what we are.  They live inside us and flow out into the world. They share our deepest feelings and inspirations. Nothing says more about our Authentic Self than our voice.

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What would it feel like to be COMPLETELY FREE INSIDE when you sing or speak in front of others?

What would it feel like to KNOW that you have the SKILL, STAGE PRESENCE and CONFIDENCE to perform at your highest potential and move others to take action?

You’ve made your way to this moment in time. You’re now ready to transcend the anxiety that holds you back and UNLOCK your TRUE VOICE POWER!

My life’s work is supporting others in FINDING THEIR VOICE.

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Together we will turn your anxiety into a Powerful Performance Tool and  bring your VOICE to its highest potential as you learn how to SHARE your VOICE with the world!

Finding My Own Voice

I absolutely love helping others find their voice.  The first voice I found was my own. As a kindergartner, family friends would often ask me about my “favorite subject” in school.  I’d reply gleefully, “Singing!!!” And so it’s been... a lifelong love affair with the voice. When I was a Theater Major at UCLA, I excelled in the competitive world of musical theater. But at the age of 21, I undertook a life changing voyage and sailed around the world with “Semester at Sea”.  Although I often performed on the ship, my focus began a subtle shift as my consciousness expanded to include this big ol’ world of ours. AND...I became utterly entranced with the spiritual teachings I encountered in India. “There must be more to life than just winning roles and awards!” I thought.   Major Awakening! 💡

Flash forward to my life as an adult… I have been practicing the tools of Kriya Yoga for over twenty years and now live with inner calmness, power and JOY.

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Do you KNOW how to remain in your calm center even when all eyes are on you?

Do you KNOW how to train your nervous system to work with you- and not send you spinning- when it’s your moment to shine?

Do you understand how to CONNECT TO YOUR AUDIENCE in the most powerful way possible?

My life long performing experience and spiritual training have given me the answers to these questions.  You’re ready to receive them and I can’t wait to share them with you.

You are ready to shine your light brighter than ever before.  You are ready to Sing with Joy and Speak with Power!

About Martha


Professional Bio

Martha Gleason is a life long Performer + Voice and Public Speaking Instructor of over 20 years. She loves helping students understand how their voices work and the secrets of powerful performances. Also a Certified Ananda Teacher, Martha has maintained a meditation practice for over twenty years and teaches transformational tools for accessing inner strength and calmness in high stress situations. She specializes in helping students and clients turn anxiety into a powerful performance tool. Martha gives public speakers and singers the tools needed to reach their full performance potential.

Education and Training:  

  • Amber Lilyestrom’s Online Business and Mastermind Academies

  • Estill Voice Model Level 1 and 2 New England Conservatory of Music  Boston

  • Ananda Leadership Course Online

  • CCM Voice Model, Shenandoah Conservatory Washington DC   

  • UCLA, Bachelor of Theatre Arts Los Angeles

  • American Music and Dramatic Academy NYC

  • Accredited member NATS, the National Association of Teachers of Singing.

  • Winner, Carol Burnett Music Theatre Awards Los Angeles

  • Winner, National Music Theatre Awards San Francisco

  • Winner, National Scholarship Award American Music and Dramatic Academy NYC.