For Individuals

My laser focused one to one coaching sessions provide a complete skill set for mastering your presentation style.  Discovering the strengths that already live within you maximizes your public speaking impact.

During Martha’s Private Coaching Sessions you will:

  • Learn the secrets of top performers to ace business presentations and speeches

  • Learn how to use your strengths for maximum presentation impact

  • Crack the code on memorable and motivating presentations, using real life examples that you can replicate again and again

  • Adapt and excel in any presenting environment (boardroom, stage, on-camera)

  • Learn the top three anti-anxiety performance tools

  • Explore an easy sequence of powerful, centering exercises to connect to your body and focus your mind

  • Gain expert voice skills for more power and expanded range without vocal strain

  • Tackle the "umms and ahhhs" and harness the power of the “pause”

  • Discover the Anatomy of an Audience for deeper engagement and greater confidence

  • Harness the power of storytelling for connection with your team and customer

1:1 Biz Voice Coaching Flex Pass
(Four 50 Minute Coaching Sessions. Flexible Scheduling)

Includes 24/7 Access to Online Resources  

Connect with Martha to learn more:

“Martha’s expertise taught me how to warm up and cool down my voice for my biz public speaking. She shares invaluable exercises to ground myself before going out to speak which calm the nerves and allow the flow to begin immediately.  What I learned from Martha is invaluable!”

- Mary Marcinkowski, Owner and Physical Therapist: Center for Bodies in Balance