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(Four online Zoom or In person Private Coaching Sessions. Flexible scheduling.)


"My work with Martha has been nothing short of life-shifting. Martha has a way of lovingly supporting me through the process of sharing my voice, pushing past my fear in doing so and connecting with a much deeper part of myself. I used to be terrified to sing live in an intimate setting and Martha is helping me to not only face this fear head on, but better understand where it stems from and how to release it on a soul level. I am so grateful for her presence in my life and her sacred gift of teaching. The voice work is the bonus to the deeper work we are doing together. My voice has never sounded better. Thank you Martha!"
- Amber Lilyestrom, Transformational Branding & Business Coach, Podcast Host and Speaker

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“Working with Martha has brought singing back to life for me and I have discovered I'm able to sing for the sheer joy and fun of it - no judgment. She creates a sense of ease so I feel inner freedom when I sing. Thanks Martha!"
- Kris McCrea, Kris McCrea Coaching


“Martha’s expertise in teaching the technical tools of singing is effective and empowering. However, it is her gift of using singing to help us open our hearts which truly elevates the experience of being her student.”
– Martha Stolzer, Singer, Voices from the Heart.